Trucking Company Plans to Operate 1,000 Autonomous Two-Truck Convoys

Pittsburgh, PA – Springfield, MO-based Wilson Logistics will soon be operating more than 62 two-truck convoys on 11 routes throughout the United States, but hopes to soon be deploying many more than that.

Last week, the family-owned company said it had agreed to a three-year partnership with autonomous technology maker, Locomation, to deploy Locomation’s Autonomous Relay Convoy (ARC) technology in its fleet.

Locomation bills itself as the world’s first trucking technology platform to offer human-guided autonomous convoying.

According to Locomation, ARC allows one driver to pilot a lead truck equipped with technology augmentation while a follower truck operates in tandem through Locomation’s fully autonomous system.


Locomation’s says it’s ARC technology allows the follower driver to “log off and rest” during this time.

About the Pilot

During the pilot, Locomation will provide a two-truck convoy with safety staff and will work in tandem with the Wilson Logistics operations team to execute the most efficient freight movements possible, the companies said.

Locomation is expecting to reduce Wilson’s operating cost per mile by 33% along with an 8% reduction in fuel expenses.

The technology maker also says it expects to remove 41 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the air per tractor annually.

A total of 124 trucks will be deployed in the initial commercialization phase.

“Our work with Locomation will mark a significant step forward for Wilson Logistics,” said Darrel Wilson, Chairman and CEO of Wilson Logistics. “Not only will we improve asset utilization and network efficiency, but we’ll make great strides in reducing our energy spend while improving safety. It also makes the truck a much better place to work for our team of professional truck drivers.”


“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership,” said Dr. Çetin Meriçli, CEO and co-founder of Locomation.

Meriçli says Locomation’s ARC techonology is going to “revolutionize the transportation industry one step at a time.”


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Locomation trucks are expected to begin operations at Wilson Logistics this spring.

The companies say the next phase in the partnership will be to ramp up to deployment of more than 1,000 two-truck convoys representing more than 2,000 ARC-equipped trucks operating on more than 68 ARC segments nationwide.

WATCH more about Locomation’s ARC technology below.




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