Cattle Drive Turns Deadly After Driver Falls Asleep

Harvey County, Kansas – Authorities say a tractor-trailer hauling 92 head of cattle jack-knifed and overturned in northern Sedgwick County early Tuesday morning. The accident happened before dawn on I-135 near 125th Street, which is near the Harvey County line. The first calls for help came around 6 a.m.  The Kansas Highway Patrol believes the driver had fallen asleep.

Authorities reported about 1/3 of the cattle perished in the accident. Emergency rescue crews worked for hours to save as many of the calves as possible even sawing a hole into the roof of the trailer to save the remaining cattle. Troopers also called in members of the Sedgwick County Animal Control unit to help get the surviving calves out of the trailer.

The calves were headed to Nebraska.  A dog food maker is buying the calves killed in the accident. The surviving calves will be cared for in a holding facility until the insurance company decides their fate.

Unfortunately, an additional 4-vehicle accident occurred on I-35 during the clean up process. That accident sent one person to the hospital.

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