“Chafed” Rubber Hoses Tops List of Violations During Brake Safety Week

Greenbelt, MD – The results from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) annual week-long brake inspection blitz reveal the top violation this year was “chafed” rubber hoses.

CVSA inspectors conducted 34,320 commercial motor vehicle (CMV) inspections from September 15-21 as part of Brake Safety Week.

A total of sixty jurisdictions in Canada and the U.S. participated in this year’s inspection blitz.

Officials placed 4,626 (13.5%) vehicles out of service after “critical brake-related conditions” were identified during roadside inspections, CVSA reports.


The majority of CMVs inspected (86.5%) did not have any critical brake-related inspection item violations.

Topping the list of violations this year was “chafed” rubber hoses, according to CVSA.

CVSA inspectors reported 2,704 of such violations.

Other top violations included chafed thermoplastic hoses (1,347 units) and kinked thermoplastic hoses (1,683 instances).

“Inspectors conduct more than 4 million roadside inspections every year and checking brake components is just one element of the inspection procedure inspectors perform on commercial motor vehicles every day,” said CVSA President Sgt. John Samis with the Delaware State Police.


He added, “This inspection and enforcement event reminds drivers and motor carriers of the importance of properly functioning brakes and spotlights the work done by inspectors, motor carriers and drivers every day to keep our roadways safe by ensuring vehicles are in appropriate working condition.”

USA vs. Canada

In the U.S., 49 jurisdictions conducted 31,864 roadside inspections and placed 4,344 (13.6%) commercial motor vehicles out of service due to brake-related violations, CVSA reports.

In Canada, 11 jurisdictions conducted 2,456 roadside inspections and 282 (11.5%) commercial motor vehicles were placed out of service for brake-related violations.



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  1. They got me, brand new set of airlines on the tractor, a smidgen of the red coloring on the rubber hose was rubbed off between the hoses… Got a warning and forced to buy a new set of lines. I could not believe he wrote me up for that. Nothing wrong with the rubber lines, just a bit of the red smudged off.


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