CHP Cracks Down on Truckers Who Fail to Stop at Mandatory Brake Check Areas

Gold Run, CA – California Highway Patrol (CHP) units were out in full force over Memorial Day weekend targeting truckers who fail to stop at mandatory brake check areas.

According to a social media post, CHP said the enforcement crackdown along areas such as westbound Interstate 80 was in response to “wildfire dangers.”


“Wildfire dangers are a huge concern in our area!” CHP wrote. “Overheated truck brakes can lead to vehicle fires which can ultimately lead to wildfires. In an effort to combat the problem, multiple Gold Run CHP Units are out enforcing speed violations and stopping trucks that fail to stop at the brake check area as required by law.”

The post stirred quite a bit of reaction from commenters.

“Good!” wrote David Lanni. “I saw a guy yesterday west bound 80 near horseshoe bar rd jump out of his truck with a fire extinguisher spraying down the rear of the trailer cause his brakes were on fire.”

Darren Erskine agreed.

“CHP can stop 500 trucks a day on this offense. The sign says all trucks must stop at brake check,” he said.


Mike Wrisk saw the crackdown differently.

“You should be checking brakes, tire condition, and tow chains on travel trailers hauled by inexperienced class c drivers because I guarantee they cause more fires than a CMV,” Wrisk commented.

Anthony Campbell took aim at California laws.

“Your brake check and speed laws are ridiculous,” he fumed. “I know what my truck weighs and I know how my brakes work. If I’m empty then there is no reason to go 25 mph down any hill. I guarantee I wont overheat my brakes if I never touch them.”


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