CHP Says Forklift Was Too Much For This Old, Overweight Trailer to Handle

San Diego, CA – A big rig deemed to be overweight by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Otay Mesa Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility (OMCVEF) experienced major problems over the weekend.

On Saturday, OMCVEF officials shared photos of a semi-trailer that sustained major damage at its facility.


According to officials, the tractor-trailer crossed the Otay Mesa scale and was determined to be overweight.

OMCVEF stated the trucking company — which was not identified — was instructed to make the load legal before the truck would be allowed to leave the facility.

A forklift was then added to the trailer to help rework the load.

However, the added weight seemingly aided in causing catastrophic damage to the trailer.

The bottom of the trailer, which was at one point owned by Swift Transportation, gave out and fell to the ground below, revealing a portion of the truck’s load.


At least some of the load was being hauled for Tesla.

According to OMCVEF, security footage of the incident was reviewed and revealed the failure occurred after axles four and five were “slid to the rear and the extra weight of a forklift was added to the trailer.”


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The scaled weight at the time of the incident according to officials was as follows:

• Axle 1: 11,060 lbs.
• Axles 2 and 3: 36,260 lbs.
• Axles 4 and 5: 30,560 lbs.

While the total weight equaled 77,880 lbs., the dual axle limit in California is 34,000 lbs.

Otay Mesa is a port-of-entry facility for commercial vehicles entering California from Mexico.



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  1. Untrained loaders at shipping
    They double stack, load past Can 40, don’t stagger the weight and they overload all for a profit that backfires. They think Truckers are stupid but, we own our equipment and should be respected when we request proper loading procedures. They even ask us to drop completely without a jack under the front end. Ignorant people are what frustrates us. Listen to the trucker. We know our equipment.

  2. I think FMCSA should reduce our gross weight to 70,000 lbs. With that, for every 100 loads, the shipper would need 29 more trucks to hual the loads. Would change capacity, raise rates, increase safety and decrease equipment wear and tear. A huge win for us.


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