Climate Activists Block NY Highway For Hours, Clash With Truck Driver

New York, NY — Climate activists spent Monday morning blocking rush hour traffic in New York City, leading to dozens of arrests as well as multiple clashes with motorists and at least one truck driver.

Extinction Rebellion and Sunrise Movement activists shut down rush hour traffic on FDR Drive and West Side Highway for three hours yesterday morning.


In a statement, the groups warned a “climate emergency” will lead to a “mass extinction” of humanity.

Video from the nearly three hour protests showed frustrated commuters imploring the activists to leave the roadway.

In one instance, a truck driver operating on the West Side Highway began honking and revving his Peterbilt’s engine, but the activists did not budge.

Protesters were seen standing directly in front and on the truck while shouting at the driver.

One man yelled, “What kind of an asshole are you?” before striking the truck’s driver side window.

WATCH the encounter below.

Additionally, activists urged President Joe Biden and Democrats to approve trillions of dollars in new spending to address the “climate crisis,” specifically pointing to the much-debated budget reconciliation bill which is packed with “Green New Deal” policies.


Between the two protests, police arrested 33 activists for Disorderly Conduct.

However, the groups vowed to cause further disruptions until “President Biden takes executive action to fulfill his climate pledge to cut U.S. emissions in half by 2030.”

“This is disruption with a purpose since we will all encounter far greater disruption in the future if we don’t radically change our society,” said Greg Bratone, a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion NYC. “We’re sorry for the disruption we have caused for individuals but this is a matter of life and death.”

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