CLUELESS! People Struggle To Answer Simple Questions About Trucking

Phoenix, Arizona – In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation week Knight Transportation, like an increasing number of other trucking companies these days, released a promotional video via their YouTube channel thanking truckers for their hard work and dedication to keep America moving. Like many other promotional videos do, Knight Transportation is proudly promoting their appreciation for not just their drivers, but for all drivers. However, this promotional video caught our attention for a different reason.

In it the host of the video who is not identified, but appears to be an employee of Knight Transportation, visits a local mall and asks mall-goers the most basic and simplest of questions about trucking. She asks them questions like, “Can you name anything a trucker doesn’t deliver?” and “How many miles do you think the average trucker drives in a year?” Some gave answers that were kind of close, but you will see most people had no idea and many of them stared blankly. Now, this could just be selective editing, but we have a hunch if we took our Transportation Nation Network cameras to a local mall we would get very similar responses to these kind of simple trucking related questions.

The answers in this video starkly reveal the fact that one week a year is not nearly enough to thank truckers for their service and bring national attention to the public about the essential work truckers do to enable our way of life. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy this video and take time each week or at least each month to thank a trucker!

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Notice To Viewers: Transportation Nation Network does not endorse any trucking company and is sharing this video courtesy of Knight Transportation’s YouTube channel for educational and entertainment purposes only. Further, Knight Transportation is not paying us to share this video. All sponsorship on Transportation Nation Network is clearly identified as such.


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