CMV Drivers Issued 1,454 Speeding Citations During Week-Long Enforcement Blitz

Greenbelt, MD – The results from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) 2019 Operation Safe Driver Week are in.

In a statement, the CVSA said it conducted a week-long enforcement blitz throughout the U.S. and Canada from July 14-20, 2019, with the goal of deterring “negative driver behaviors” and to “reduce the number of crashes involving large trucks, motorcoaches and passenger vehicles by identifying and citing drivers exhibiting risky driving behaviors and tendencies.”

Officers issued 46,752 citations and 87,624 warnings to drivers for traffic enforcement violations, ranging from speeding to failure to wear a seatbelt, CVSA said.


CVSA selected speeding as the emphasis area for this year’s Operation Safe Driver Week.

As a result, speeding/violations of the basic speed law/driving too fast for conditions was the most cited violation this year with 17,556 total citations.

Passenger vehicle drivers were issued 16,102 citations and 21,001 warnings, and commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers received 1,454 citations and 2,126 warnings.

According to CVSA, failure to wear a seatbelt was the second highest violation for both types of drivers.


In fact, 954 CMV drivers and 1,794 passenger vehicle drivers received citations for not wearing a seatbelt, CVSA said.


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To view the top 10 driver-behavior citations (and warnings) given to CMV and passenger vehicle drivers during this year’s blitz, click HERE.

“Although CVSA is an organization focused on commercial motor vehicle safety, we know that if we want to prevent crashes involving commercial motor vehicles and passenger vehicles, it’s important that we focus on both types of vehicles and drivers,” said CVSA President Chief Jay Thompson with the Arkansas Highway Police.

“Operation Safe Driver Week is our effort to focus on driver behaviors, the leading cause of crashes. We hope that contact with law enforcement during this traffic safety initiative helps to combat dangerous driver behaviors in the future, ultimately making our roadways safer,” Thompson stated.



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