Coke Truck Goes For An Afternoon Bridge Bash

Tonawanda, New York – Another tractor-trailer slammed into a New York overpass late last week. This time it was in Tonawanda, New York. According to the Tonawanda Police Department a Coca-Cola Bottling big rig struck a low-clearance CSX overpass on Friday afternoon.

Captain with the Tonawanda Police Department, Fredric Foels, said the incident happened around 4:10 p.m. at the overpass on Young Street. The driver of the truck was 22-year-old Alex Gordon of Buffalo, according to Foels. Police said there were no injuries in the accident nor was there damage to the bridge.

However, from the photos you can see the trailer did sustain significant roof damage. Gordon has been issued three traffic summons in connection to the accident.

Photos shared courtesy of the Tonawanda Police Department.


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