Comedian Josh Pray GETS IT! Sends a “Thank You” to Truckers

Comedian/Actor/Entertainer Josh Pray (with nearly 1 million followers on Facebook) posted a video during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2018 giving 5 solid reasons why “we should appreciate the truck driver more.”

It has us wondering… has Pray ever driven a truck? Perhaps have family or friends who do?

Because dude is spot-on in his 5 Reasons:

1) “[Truckers] got the worst schedule in man-kind history! … I appreciate you for working the stupidest hours in human history.

2) “A truck driver’s love life has to be [difficult]! For us to not understand that you have to lay alone and sleep alone in your truck … pull into a truck stop, lock the door and sleep with a Colt 45 on your chest. [The general public needs] to understand and appreciate and love you guys because that’s a tough life.


3) “When it’s time to drive though storms, you can’t call your boss and tell your boss you ain’t driving through that storm! … I am pretty sure truck drivers drove through Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Irma … snowstorms … I don’t know, but I do know y’all make it happen! Things just don’t just *snaps* appear out of thin air, NO! Truck drivers *snaps* appear out of thin air and make things happen! You guys are the backbone of humanity.

4) “Thank you guys for never striking. Out of all the work positions in the entire world, if you guys decided to just strike, not do nothing, sit down, say ‘I’m not driving that damn truck no more, you don’t pay me enough,’ we’d be in trouble! A truck driver strike would cripple our economy! Clearly [truckers] should be appreciated beyond belief.”

5) “I am sorry for not recognizing you folks are probably some of the most intelligent folks who ever walked the earth.” Pray then goes on to explain that sitting a cab all day with “nothing to do but listen to talk radio, politics, sports, science… there’s nothing truck drivers shouldn’t know! You wanna go on a game show and win some stuff? Take that truck driver with you!”

Watch the video below:


Thank you for your video Josh, and thank you for your well-thought out shout out to truck drivers! Perfect timing during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2018!


Video courtesy Josh Pray’s Facebook Page. You can also subscribe to his channel on YouTube!

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