Congress Approves $50 MILLION For New Program to Tax Drivers By The Mile

Washington D.C. — The United States Congress just approved a measure that could pave the way to begin taxing all commercial and non-commercial vehicles by the mile.

Included in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill approved by lawmakers last week is a “National Motor Vehicle Per-Mile Fee Pilot” program.


The five-year, $50 million initiative directs the secretary of the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) to set up a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax system in order to, in part, “test the design, acceptance, implementation, and financial sustainability of a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee.”

Volunteer participants’ mileage will be tracked by using one of the following: third-party on-board diagnostic devices, smart phone applications, telemetric data collected by vehicle makers, motor vehicle data obtained by car insurance companies, data from the States that received a grant under section 6020 of the FAST Act, and motor vehicle data obtained from fueling stations.

Additionally, the legislation also gives the USDOT secretary broad authority to track participating drivers.


The bill specifically states the USDOT can deploy “any other [tracking] method that the Secretary considers appropriate.”

The program will include passenger vehicles, light-, medium-, and heavy-duty commercial trucks.

The VMT tax rates for each class of vehicles will be determined by the USDOT secretary.

“The amount may vary between vehicle types and weight classes to reflect estimated impacts on infrastructure, safety, congestion, the environment, or other related social impacts,” the bill states.


Further, the legislation also directs the USDOT secretary to form a “Federal System Funding Alternative Advisory Board” which will “provide the Secretary with recommendations related to the structure, scope, and methodology for developing and implementing the pilot program.”

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The Board will be comprised of people who work in state departments of transportation, trucking fleet owners and individual owner-operators, data security experts with expertise in personal privacy, academic experts on surface transportation systems, consumer advocates, advocacy groups focused on “equity,” owners and operators of toll facilities, and tribal groups or representatives.


Each year, the USDOT and the Treasury Department will be responsible to provide a report to the Senate’s Committee on Environment and Public Works and the House of Representatives’ Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure outlining the programs results including “whether motor vehicle per-mile user fees can maintain the long-term solvency of the Highway Trust Fund and improve and maintain the surface transportation system.”

Also of note, the bill calls for the formation of a campaign to “increase public awareness regarding a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee.”

The campaign is to also be carried out by the USDOT.

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  1. Just try and tax me. What the hell is this country becoming? I work for a living not to pay the F**king government. Who does the so called president think he is?
    This is not communist China or Russia. I WILL NOT PAY TAXES ON MY MILES DRIVEN. FUCK YOU BIDEN AND THE DOT!!!

    1. Just a part of the Dumboratic plan to turn this country into a socialistic country. We are allowing this by letting the Dumborats cheat their way into the presidency. We let this happen. We have absolutely no one to blame but ourselves.

  2. Their not going after the personal vehicles. They’re going after the trucking industry. They’re going to use a focus group to focus on the so-called “Equity”!
    What a Administration!


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