Contact Your Lawmakers (Video by OOIDA)

ATTENTION TRUCKERS: Lawmakers can’t address your concerns if they don’t know what they are. Your job is to clue them in.

Here’s a simple guide on how to do it.

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  1. Truckers do not get respect because they do not make enough money. I have been a otr truck driver for 33 years before I became a local truck driver for 4 years. Then I quit. Why?? Because I was sick of working for nothing and being treated like a criminal. Just yesterday I was at tim hortons and seen a sign that read.. Wanted brick layers 64.00 per hour to start. Now think about that.. Most people would say .. well that’s a job that takes skill that’s why it pays so much. What do you think.. a truck driver has no skill. It’s easy to drive a truck and keep everyone safe. Be gone for weeks at a time. The brick layer is going home at the end of the day. Not the truck driver. And OTR Truck driver is basically mandatory to work 70hrs a week. No time and a half like the brick layer after 40hrs. Lets do some math based on a 70hr week. 64.00 hr X 40hrs = 2560.00 plus 30hrs time and a half =96.00 pr hr X 30hrs = 2880.00 combine the two = 5440.00 per week and they are home every night. The federal minimum wage is still 7.25 and hour That’s why they pay you by the mile. Nothing more than modern day slavery. Truck drivers need to change to being paid by the hour. The responsibility you have as a truck driver is out of this world. Have a major accident weather your fault or not you could loose everything you ever worked for or worse go to prison and loose everything. For what? 1000.00 to 1500.00 a week don’t forget to subtract you living expenses from that wile your on the road. What kind of retirement do you have? 104 if the stock market is still there plan… Now im just getting started. The truck drivers local Unions are a JOKE. Been there done that. Pre trip.. Log 15 min. The problem… To do a legal pre trip inspection the way the Law wants you to inspect that truck will take you 45 min at best. You are all ready guilty before you even get started. And you do not even get paid for it but it’s part of the job. If you get paid by the hour you would get paid for everything you deserve. Sitting at the dock. Loading and unloading. Pre trip inspections the right way. As well as dot can check the hours you get paid for knowing you can only get paid for 70 hrs a week. and don’t forget.. Now you fall into the time and a half after 40hrs. Heck you might even be able to afford and insurance policy that could protect you if a major accident would happen. Now a days the attorney’s sue everyone not just the company or the companies insurance but the driver as well. And if the trucking industry thinks its a bad idea.. Think again.. If all the trucking company charged and hourly rate instead of by the mile they would get paid just like a piece of construction equipment. By the hour or by the job. Either way you look at it it is a win win situation. Isn’t the trucking industry worth it? Or are they saying truck drivers are worthless. Think about it.


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