“Courageous” Truck Driver Honored For Thwarting Gunman’s Attack

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Truck driver Aaron Quinones was honored by his employer Admiral Beverage for his “courage” according to a report from krqe.com. You see, back in September Quinones was on the job delivering his shipment of beverages to a CVS in the Albuquerque area when he saw an elderly woman being attacked in the parking lot. The would-be thief threw Albuquerque resident Virginia Conway to the ground and pulled a gun on her.

Quinones decided to risk his life and step in. He says the armed man told him it was none of his business and to stay out of it, but Quinones persisted. Quinones talked the man into fleeing without any further incident. Conway told krqe.com back in September that Quinones’ actions “restored my faith in humanity.”

Conway was so moved by the experience she wrote a letter to Admiral Beverage lauding Quinones and his bravery. President of Admiral Beverage, Greg Brown, called Quinones’ actions “absolutely incredible.” We’re so proud of him. Our ownership flew in because we wanted to have a party for Aaron and celebrate his success and his courage.” That’s exactly what they did as they invited Quinones’ fellow drivers and company employees to join him for a special dinner.

It’s just another reminder of the great things truckers do every day. Watch the full story from the original report from krqe.com below.


Cover image courtesy of krqe.com.

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