Crashed Trucker Threatened to Shoot Motorists Who Stopped to Help, Police Say

San Antonio, TX – Police say a truck driver who crashed his big rig along I-10 on Friday night threatened to shoot motorists who stopped to come to the man’s aid.

Investigators say a tractor-trailer traveled off of the roadway along I-10 in the early evening hours on Friday and collided with a guardrail.

Police say numerous motorists pulled over to offer assistance to the trucker.


However, when they approached the truck driver, police say the big rig driver began yelling and threatening them.

Investigators say the trucker said he had a gun and would shoot them if they came closer to the tractor-trailer.

Officials report that an officer arrived on scene and attempted to approach the big rig.

The trooper reported the truck driver then began attempting to drive away, but was unable because the vehicle was entangled in the guardrail.


Police say the trooper eventually tasered the truck driver and arrested him for resisting arrest.

Investigators say they did not find a gun during a search of the tractor-trailer following the driver’s arrest.

It is unclear what caused the initial crash.

The trucker’s identity has not yet been disclosed

Officials say more charges could still be added as their investigation is ongoing.

(Photo shared courtesy of ABC12)


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