D.C. Rally Truckers Call on the Almighty for Help in “David and Goliath” Fight

Washington D.C. – Truckers rallying in our nation’s capital are calling upon the Almighty for help in their mission to have their voices heard by United States lawmakers and regulators.

For more than a week now, a determined group of truckers has been rallying in Washington D.C. hoping to bring awareness, and ultimately changes, to a host of issues they say are plaguing the trucking industry.

In their quest, a growing number are turning to God asking for divine intervention and guidance.


As America celebrated the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 7, dozens of truckers kneeled down together to pray near the White House.

Long-time grassroots trucking activist and organizer, Charles Claburn, told his Facebook followers this week that faith in a higher power and purpose is bringing a sense of unity like he has never witnessed before.

“What an awesome sight to see all those men kneeling in front of the [Washington Monument] on a National Day of Prayer asking for guidance… asking for the Lord to put His hand upon them,” Claburn exclaimed.

He tells Transportation Nation Network (TNN) faith is “a huge part” of his life and he believes in the power of prayer.

“I have taken my requests to God many times and He has lifted me up and given me strength or solved a hardship,” he declared. “Prayer is hope!”


Whether it is alleged abuse at the hands of freight brokers or desperately needed safety and training reforms, Claburn says he prays for God’s help to bring about changes to an industry he loves.

Greg Anderson is an owner operator and serves as a leader of America Without Drivers, a growing coalition of grassroots trucking organizations.

Anderson had the opportunity to lead a group of truckers in prayer this week, as well as pray with numerous people individually.

“It was truly a blessing to be asked to lead everyone in prayer,” he said. “This is a fight like David and Goliath. We all need to pray and stand in faith.”

Both Claburn and Anderson believe their prayers, and the prayers of those around the nation, are having an impact.


As evidence to this, they pointed specifically to the remarkable statements from President Donald Trump this week.

On Sunday, the President pledged his support for truckers in a tweet.

He also sent the group a large bag of hats branded “USA Strong” and “Keep America Great.”

Then, on Friday, in an interview on Fox News, Mr. Trump directly addressed concerns that some unscrupulous brokers have taken advantage of small business truckers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Oh they [truckers] are price gouged,” Mr. Trump said in response to a question. “We’re going to take care of that.”

Click HERE to read his full comments.


“There is no other explanation for how any of this happened other than God stepped in,” Claburn explained. “The President answered us… he acknowledged us.”

Anderson reacted to the President’s remarks by saying, “God can move mountains and with Him all things are possible.”


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TNN has been in communication with numerous rally leaders and participants throughout the week.

According to multiple truckers, disagreements among different groups have bubbled to the surface at times and threatened to drive a wedge between them.


However, Claburn says he credits the Almighty for helping them work out their differences so far.

“I have not talked to a single person down here that doesn’t believe that a higher power, a power greater than us, is what kept us together. I truly believe it,” he stated.

Both men say it is going to require a lot of prayer, cooperation and understanding in order to keep the movement begun in D.C. unified into the future.

Photos courtesy Charles Claburn



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