DASH CAM: Flying Truck Tire Crushes Roof Of Vehicle On 401 Expressway

Toronto, Canada – A new report out of Toronto from CTV News shows a tire bouncing along the 401 and striking a 4-wheeler.

In the dash cam footage obtained by CTV News you see a runaway tire come bounding from the right and crashing into a motorist and crushing the roof of a vehicle traveling eastbound on the 401. Don Williams’ dash cam captured the footage. Williams says he saw the accident and immediately pulled over to call the police.


Williams tells CTV News, “You know it was pretty scary because when the tire is bouncing you really don’t know where it is going to go.” Williams says he came forward with the video to “help the greater cause.” “Hopefully it will wake people up to realize anything can happen on the road,” he said.

Investigators say it was a pickup truck tire, but do not yet know how it ended up loose on the 401.

Video shared courtesy of CTV News.





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