Denham, Weaver Headline New Truckin’ Music Releases In 2019

Little Rock, Arkansas – 2019 promises to be a big year full of outstanding new truckin’ music. Quite a few artists are gearing up for a very busy year so here’s a preview of what fans can expect.

‘Bull Haulin” Bill Weaver To Release New 20-Song Album

Fans of the rockin’ country crooner, Bill Weaver, will have plenty of chances to get out and see him this year. “We’ll be at all the major truck shows and we also have some smaller ones in the works,” he told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) over the holiday season .

Weaver also revealed he’s working on a big new project. In fact, it’s a first-of-its-kind from the trucker and singer/songwriter because it will include some of the Weaver’s favorite songs. Weaver says the new record will feature 20 songs in-all comprised of 15 cover tunes and 5 new tracks.

Fans can expect Red Simpson classics like “Hello I’m A Truck,” and “Nitro Express;” along with Jimmy Nesbitt’s “I Ain’t Never Been Passed.” Weaver said he’s a bit nervous because he genuinely wants to pay homage to artists he admires.

“I want to do them in such a fashion it doesn’t disgrace the the original artist,” Weaver said. “We are pretty excited about it.”

Expect the new record to drop sometime mid-year in 2019. We’ll keep you posted.

Weaver is also excited to be featured on TNN’s original series trucking show, Truckerville, in 2019. Watch for it in the coming months. We’ll keep you posted on this special appearance which features a LIVE performance of one of Weaver’s biggest hits.


Photo Courtesy: Jayne Denham Music

Truckers Staying “Hung Up” On Jayne Denham

Jayne Denham, the Aussie “Trucker Chick,” as she’s known by her fans, is preparing for a very busy year in 2019. Denham, who has trucking-themed hits like “Stacks,” “Addicted To The Diesel,” “Grew Up ‘Round Trucks,” and “Cousin Jude,” is gearing up to shoot a brand new video for another trucking-centric song entitled “Black Coffee & White Lines.”

TNN has learned the video will feature some surprise guests from the popular TV show Ice Road Truckers. Denham expects the video to be out mid-year.

Her newest video is for a song entitled “Ladies Lettin’ Loose” was released on January 14th. “Ladies Lettin’ Loose” is a witty, fun, and edgy tune that features Denham’s trademark renegade country style.

Her latest EP release entitled Calamity is currently enjoying good success. Even better, her duet performance with artist Troy Kemp entitled “Hung Up On You” recently spent 2-weeks at #1 on the KIX Country Radio chart and is still holding strong in the Top 20. It’s approaching 400,000 streams on Spotify.

Like Weaver, Denham will once again be performing on the U.S. truck show scene in 2019. She is scheduled to make appearances during the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in March, the Buckeye Invitational Truck Show in August, as well as the Great American Trucking Show (GATS) in August.

Make sure to check out Truckerville’s exclusive interview with Denham HERE.



Tony Justice To Announce 2019 Plans In The Coming Weeks

Trucker and country musician Tony Justice made a sad announcement late last year that his beautiful wife Misty has been diagnosed with breast cancer. In his post on social media, Justice asked for prayers and said he would be using all his time “to be by her side for this unforseen journey.”

Also in the announcement, Justice said he would be postponing the recording of his upcoming “Eastbound and Down” tribute record which had been scheduled for release in 2019. Justice told TNN in January that he’s not sure what appearances he will be making this year, but should be making more announcements in the next few weeks.



Trucker Taylor Barker Is Singing His Way Into The Hearts Of Many

Another prominent trucker and country singer on the truck show scene is friend of TNN, Taylor Barker. He too is excited about a busy year of performing at both MATS and GATS in 2019.

Barker also told TNN in a recent interview that he is planning to record a debut record for fans to enjoy. He is writing and selecting songs now for the much anticipated and long awaited debut project. No word yet on when the album might be released, but we will be following news on Barker throughout 2019.

Fans of Barker can also soon be able to see him on TNN’s original series trucking show, Truckerville. Along with Weaver, Barker will also be treating fans to a special LIVE acoustic performance of one of his favorite songs.



“The Singing Truck Driver” Taking It As It Comes

Brad James a.k.a. “The Singing Truck Driver” tells TNN he is “excited” for a very busy year in 2019 and just “taking it as it comes.” James is a talented country vocalist and is beloved by many of his fans. So, where can you see him this year?

He too will be making appearances at both MATS and GATS along with his second appearance at the Buckeye Invitational in August. He performed there last year and said, “We had a lot of fun.”

However, James said he’s perhaps most excited about sharing the stage this year with with Whey Jennings, the grandson of trucking music legend Waylon Jennings. “I’m kind of nervous,” he told us. The two men will be performing on Dave Summer’s Trucking Gone Wild cruise which sets sail in October.

“The Singing Truck Driver” also has his sights set on a return to the studio. “My hopes are to get back in the studio this year,” James said. “It’s just a matter of finding the time to get it planned.”

Watch for more special appearances by James On TNN in the months ahead!

You can see all of these performers right now on TNN’s channel Truckin’ Good Music. Plus, stay tuned to for more news and LIVE performances from trucking’s most popular musicians.

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