Diesel Shortages in Texas Force Officials to Take Emergency Actions to ‘Keep Truckers Moving’

Austin, TX – A diesel shortage in Texas has prompted Governor Greg Abbott to take emergency actions to keep truckers on the road and delivering desperately needed supplies.

An historic winter storm stranded thousands of truckers for days in the south and southeast last week, leading to widespread delivery delays of essential supplies including diesel fuel.


Texas was most impacted as thousands of gas stations reported empty or waning fuel supplies.

Major truck stop chains experienced significant diesel service disruptions at scores of locations across the Lonestar State.

In response to the urgent problem, Gov. Abbott held a press briefing on Friday to announce new measures to help facilitate deliveries.

“The State is taking steps to open new fuel supply lines to ensure truckers, agriculture producers, emergency responders, and anyone else that runs on diesel will be able to get food to stores and supplies to Texans in need,” a statement from Gov. Abbott’s office said.


The Governor announced he is allowing the use of off-road diesel on Texas roads.

Further, Gov. Abbott along with Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar requested fuel waivers from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to allow for the use of all forms of diesel on Texas roads in order to “keep our truckers moving.”

On Saturday, the EPA issued a waiver which temporarily allows for the use of an additional or alternate type of fuel for Texas Low Emissions Diesel and oxygenated gasoline fuels.


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The Governor also noted that he has already suspended some regulations relating to commercial vehicles, such as lifting hours of service (HOS) rules for carriers engaged in delivering relief supplies.

In addition to fuel regulation suspensions, Mr. Abbott indicated his team is working with oil and gas refineries on strategies to get their operations up and running again.


He also took the occasion to thank truckers and all essential workers for their dedication during the statewide winter storm disaster.

“Thanks to the efforts of linemen, plumbers, first responders, truckers, farmers, ranchers, grocery store workers, refinery workers, and more, we continue to make tremendous strides to overcome the challenges of the past week,” he commented. “Our state agencies are working around the clock to restore power and water, and to ensure Texans have food and supplies. We have overcome challenges in the past, and we will overcome this challenge together.”

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