Diesel Supply Outages Easing at Major Truck Stop Chains

Little Rock, AR – Diesel and gasoline supply outages are easing at major truck stop chains.

After dozens of locations across multiple states reported significant diesel and gasoline service disruptions last week in the wake of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown, Love’s Travel Stop and Pilot-Flying J are each reporting very few outages.


As of Monday morning, Love’s is reporting only two locations without diesel (both in Virginia) and 11 stores without gasoline across four states.

The Oklahoma City, OK-based company is having the most difficulty in Georgia where eight stores are currently offering no gasoline service.

Click HERE to track the latest outages at Love’s.

Pilot-Flying J is currently only reporting four locations with no diesel and six stores without gasoline.

Click HERE to track the latest on outages at Pilot-Flying J.

TravelCenters of America has not provided an update since last week when the truck stop giant informed it was limiting the amount of fuel per purchase at a number of locations due to “intermittent outages.”


According to the popular fuel tracking app Gas Buddy, almost 1,200 stations along the southeast and east coast continue to report outages.

The states and jurisdictions most impacted at the present time are: Washington D.C., Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Help is seemingly on the way though as the Colonial Pipeline initiated a restart of its 5,500-mile system on Thursday, May 13.

At that time, the company said it expected the product delivery supply chain to return to normal within “several days.”

TransportationNation.com will continue to monitor the latest developments.


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