Do NOT Include These 7 ‘Anti-Trucking’ Measures in Highway Bill, OOIDA Warns Congress

Washington D.C. – The Owner Operator Independent Driver’s Association (OOIDA) is urging U.S. lawmakers to refrain from including what it calls “anti-trucking” measures into upcoming legislation.

Right now, Congress is preparing legislation expected to be a five-year funding reauthorization for federal highway programs, known as the Highway Bill.


Major political battles are being waged and the intensity is only expected to grow over the coming days.

OOIDA fired another proverbial warning shot yesterday in a letter to the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

“Whether you’re a fleet owner, company driver or owner-operator, last year’s legislation was bad news,” Todd Spencer, president of OOIDA, said referring to last year’s one-year funding reauthorization extension. “Hopefully, the Committee will fix the harmful, anti-trucking provisions from last year’s bill. Some of what they are considering will result in more crashes, not less!”


Transportation Nation Network (TNN) has reported extensively on what is expected to be included in the markup of the bill this time around.

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OOIDA identified seven provisions it argues will harm small business truckers and safety within the trucking industry.

1) Increase federal liability insurance requirements from $750,000 to $2,000,000;
2) Time and/or distance caps on personal conveyance;
3) Expansion of tolling authority via congestion pricing and diversion of revenue to non-highway programs;
4) Automatic emergency brakes on all new trucks;
5) Sleep apnea screening and testing rules;
6) Publication of flawed CSA safety data;
7) First steps toward a side underride guard requirement.

The nation’s largest association of owner-operators said if these provisions are included in the Highway Bill, the organization will “adamantly oppose it.”

“The Highway Bill is supposed to promote growth, not destroy small businesses,” said Spencer. “In particular, we are concerned about insurance and tolling, but would like to see the next highway bill modified to address all of our concerns.”


Insiders on Capitol Hill tell TNN to expect most, if not all, of these provisions — in some form — to eventually make their way into the legislation, which will almost assuredly sail through the Democratically-controlled U.S. House.

The major fight will be in the narrowly divided Senate.

Stay with for the latest as this political battle unfolds.


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