Dog Leads Tow Truck Driver To The Rescue Of His Injured Owner

Mariposa County, California – You may have seen this story in the mainstream press, but we at Transportation Nation Network are animal lovers, so we weren’t about to pass up a chance to pass it on to you. We love cats, hamsters, birds, fish, and even raccoons and opossums as a pets (seriously, if you haven’t seen the viral raccoon and opossum videos that are trending all over the net, you really have to check those out), but there is a reason dogs are known as “man’s best friend.”

“If something really looks out of place and you know it looks out of place, follow your gut.” 

– Martin Hall, Jr.

That truth was on display again this week for tow truck driver Martin Hall, Jr. After turning down a tow job in Coulterville, California, Hall found himself a bit lost and driving along a remote dirt road. Thats when he discovered a medium sized dog blocking his path. Hall grabbed his cell phone and began filming what would happen next. Hall thought the dog might be hungry so he offered part of his peanut butter and jelly sandwich to the canine, but the dog was not biting. “I found this dog with a leash on it, but it won’t come to me,” he says.

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“That sucks this dog doesn’t come to me. Dogs like me sometimes,” Hall lamented. Hall began noticing some clues that seemed a bit odd to him. “There was a flashlight on the roadway and a trail here,” Hall can be heard saying. Having no luck getting the dog to engage with him, Hall decided to get going.

However, as he was preparing to leave Hall heard a faint voice yelling for help in the distance. Hall began tracking the voice on foot. The distressed dog, we now know her name is Chico, helped lead Hall to her owner, a man named Paul, who was lying in the dirt nearby. Lying next to him was a second dog who appeared to be standing guard while Chico went to search for help.


Chico’s owner, Paul, had fallen and broken his hip and had been unable to move for about 7 hours. Paul lived less than a mile away and was attempting to make it home for help. Hall told ABC 30, “I think he was pretty relieved, he thanked me. He had some courage. He had crawled on his stomach for 50 to 200 feet trying to get home.”

Hall was able to get the man medical attention all thanks to Chico and friend. Hall’s advice to others in a similar situation? “If something really looks out of place and you know it looks out of place, follow your gut.” Perhaps even better advice is get yourself a good dog, like Chico.

Video courtesy of WKTVNewsChannel2.

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