Doing a “Stand Up” Job!

Middelburg, Zeeland, Netherlands – This story comes to us all the way from the Netherlands. You won’t believe what the dash cam from one trucker in the Netherlands captured just moments before he lost control of his rig along the N4, a major roadway. Monday morning a driver hauling a shipment of beer lost control of his rig and the rig overturned spilling the shipment. Looters shamelessly descended upon the precious cargo and began carrying it away. It was reported in the Middelburg Observer, a local news outlet, that motorists were even stopping along the roadway to grab-and-go. You can see video of the scene below.


As shocking as it is to see looters simply make off with goods after a truck overturns, what happened moments before the crash is even more unbelievable. The driver of the semi can clearly be seen getting out of his chair and abandoning the wheel in an apparent attempt to locate something in the truck’s storage compartment. Simply unbelievable. The shipment of beer was valued about about $28,000 U.S. dollars. We bet this driver never has a chance to do this again.

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