DON’T PARK HERE: County Leaders Want Big Rigs Out Of Their Neighborhoods

Orange County, Florida – Leaders in Orange County, Florida are grappling with big rigs parked in neighborhoods and along residential streets.

Residents are complaining about tractor-trailers being parked along the streets in some local neighborhoods.

According to a recent report by local news outlet Fox35, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office reports as many as 500 complaints each month from upset residents about semi-trucks parked illegally.

Orange County regulations forbid big rig parking in residential areas.


Chapter 38 of the county code defines vehicles subject to the regulation as “motor truck, trailer, semitrailer or tractor/trailer combination.”

The citation for offenders comes with a $30 fine and many residents, including Orange County Commissioner Victoria Siplin, would like to see that fine increased.

“If you have to determine $100 for parking in a designated area versus a $30 ticket violation, of course they’re going to go with the $30,” Commissioner Siplin told Fox35 following a board meeting on Tuesday, May 7 addressing the issue.

Commissioner Siplon says leaders are considering increasing fine amounts and designating residential streets as tow zones where owners of the semi-trucks parked illegally would incur the cost of the tow.

Commissioner Siplon acknowledged county leaders need to do more to provide additional semi-truck parking options, but stopped short of saying what those options should include.


Siplon then warned, “Changes are coming and they (semi-truck owners) must either change their habit or incur a fine.”

The board is expected to take up recommendations on the matter in two months.

One Florida County Just Made It Illegal To Park A Semi In Your Own Driveway

More semi-truck parking controversy is brewing about 170 miles southwest of Orange County in Lee County.

On Tuesday, May 7, Lee County Commissioners voted to ban large commercial vehicles from being parked in residential driveways.

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