DRIVE THRU! Beer Truck Crashes Into Diner As Driver Unloads

Orlando, Florida – A truck driver watched as his semi crashed into a diner he was delivering a shipment of beer to on Tuesday.

According to Orange County Fire Rescue, Miller Lite truck driver, 34-year-old Lamont Loving, was making a delivery to the Zellwood Country Kitchen diner at approximately 2:15 a.m. when his semi truck crashed into the eatery.

Authorities said Loving indicated that he parked the truck and climbed up into the trailer to prepare his delivery of beer.


That’s when Loving said he felt the semi and trailer begin to move.

According to investigators, Loving said he jumped out of the trailer before the truck smashed 4 to 5 feet into the front corner of the diner.

The building was evacuated and its structural stability had to be assessed.

Fortunately, no one inside, including Loving, was injured in the mishap.

Officials said their investigation is ongoing.

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