Driver Arrested in Big Rig Human Smuggling Bust Says He Was Promised Eye-Popping Sum of Cash

Laredo, TX – A man recently sentenced to prison for his role in a big rig human smuggling operation revealed to U.S. prosecutors how much money he was to be paid.

Joseph Winslow, 54, of Fort Meade, FL, was arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials on December 30, 2020, after 150 illegal migrants were found inside the trailer of a big rig he was operating.


The bust occurred at a checkpoint on IH-35, approximately 29 miles north of Laredo.

According to the criminal complaint against Winslow, he neither possessed a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) or a standard license to operate at the time of his arrest.

Further, Winslow told authorities he was provided a cell phone and paid $100 up front to transport the illegal cargo from Laredo to San Antonio.


Court documents reveal Winslow claims he was promised a whopping $10,000 once he reached his destination.

Winslow pleaded guilty to human smuggling charges on March 5 and has since been sentenced to six years in federal prison immediately followed by three years of supervised release.


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