Empty Store Shelves Amid Winter Storms Remind America Why Truckers Are So Important

Little Rock, AR – Millions of Americans were reminded again last week amid severe winter storms just how important truckers are to our every day way of life.

The fierce winter storms that wreaked havoc across Texas and much of the south and southeast last week caused significant disruptions in the supply chain.


In preparation for the storm, millions of Americans headed out to their local grocery or convenience store to pick up essential supplies.

As states began to thaw out, Americans once again returned to stores to replenish staple items consumed during the week-long arctic blast.

However, what they discovered in many stores was bare shelves.

Thousands of truckers became stranded and delayed deliveries due to treacherous road conditions, widespread power outages, and diesel shortages at fueling stations.


Major grocery chains have been working around the clock to restock desperately needed goods.

“The unprecedented weather event in Texas has caused disruption in the food supply chain,” H-E-B said in a statement last week.

In an update on Sunday, the grocery giant said it “has more than 1,500 H-E-B trailers going out today to restock our stores as quickly as possible, and we are working closely with several of our vendor partners to make deliveries direct to stores and help replenish key products such as water.”

Similarly, Kroger said it is “working tirelessly” to jump start its supply chain and “keep stores open and stocked.”


Walmart also acknowledged the widespread supply chain challenges in a new statement.

The Bentonville, AR-based retail behemoth said it has “dedicated emergency support teams helping stores get much needed supplies and products in stock and on shelves as quickly as possible.”


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The backbone and critical component to all of these efforts is the American truck driver.


The sacrifices made by truckers such as risking personal health and safety, spending exhaustingly long periods away from loved ones, and enduring sometimes degrading work environments are too often overlooked.

However, at Transportation Nation Network we work hard for you because you are working hard for all of us.

Here’s a salute to all of the men and women who keep America moving in good times and bad.

Photos courtesy Riley Hill and ARDOT



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