Enforcement Blitz Begins This Weekend, Will Focus on These 8 “Dangerous Driver Behaviors”

Greenbelt, MD – The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) annual week-long enforcement blitz is almost here, so here’s what you need to know.

Operation Safe Driver Week 2020 begins on Sunday, July 12 and will conclude on Saturday, July 18.

This year’s enforcement crackdown will primarily be focused on what CVSA is calling an “alarming trend.”


As COVID-19 lockdown orders took thousands of passenger vehicles off of U.S. roadways, CVSA said in a statement earlier this year officials were deeply concerned about commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers operating at increased speeds.

So, CVSA chose to make speeding its primary area of focus during the upcoming initiative.

In addition to speeding, CVSA also says it will be watching closely for seven more “dangerous driver behaviors.”


These include: 1) distracted driving, 2) failure to use a seatbelt, 3) following too closely, 4) improper lane change, 5) reckless or aggressive driving, 6) failure to obey traffic control devices, and 7) evidence of drunk or drugged driving, etc.


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During last year’s Operation Safe Driver Week, officers throughout North America issued 46,752 citations and 87,624 warnings to drivers for traffic enforcement violations, ranging from speeding to failure to wear a seatbelt.

Speeding/violations of the basic speed law/driving too fast for conditions was the most cited violation with 17,556 total citations.


Passenger vehicle drivers were issued 16,102 citations and 21,001 warnings, and CMV drivers received 1,454 citations and 2,126 warnings.

CVSA says that in order to prevent crashes involving CMVs, it’s also important to crackdown on 4-wheelers as well.



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  1. Four wheelers are a very dangerous commodity. I see some driving at well over 80 mph. I also see Canadian drivers tail gating and speeding. CVSA is a big joke also. In all the years I’ve been a truck driver I have never been pulled over or seen a major enforcement.


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