ENOUGH! Truckers Outraged Over Recent Murders Of Fellow Drivers, Demanding Action To Stop The Violence

Little Rock, Arkansas – The trucking community has been rocked in recent weeks by the senseless violence being committed against fellow truck drivers. From truck stops, to rest areas, to residential streets, truckers are being targeted by criminals and are losing their lives. As a result, a growing chorus of angry voices are being raised in demand of action to stop the loss of innocent life.

Recent Violent Acts Against Truckers

Just in the past few months we have reported on the death of 25-year-old truck driver Karmeshia Taylor who was found deceased and “covered in blood” in the sleeper of her rig at a truck stop in New Orleans. In a similar instance last month, Missouri truck driver Amos Phillips was sleeping in the cab of his truck at TP Truck Stop in Fort Hall, Idaho, when he was awakened in the middle of the night by an intruder who had broken his way into the truck to rob Mr. Phillips. Phillips was beaten badly and barely escaped with his life. He will likely never be able to truck again due to the gruesome and debilitating injuries he suffered.

Then, just last week, a firestorm of outrage was ignited when we reported on the stabbing death of Orlando, Florida truck driver, 42-year-old Frankie Washington. He was murdered after his rig broke down and his trucking company made lodging accommodations for him in a “high crime area.” Police reported he was stabbed and left for dead on a sidewalk near a convenience store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

On the same day we first reported on the murder of Washington, we also first reported on the murder of 42-year-old truck driver Kevin Johnson of Floyd County, Kentucky. He was shot dead near his rig on a residential street in Flowerfield Township, Michigan. The circumstances surrounding Mr. Johnson’s death has captivated many. We are expecting new information any time from the St. Joseph County prosecuting attorney and will update you as soon as we learn more.

Enough Is Enough!

Transportation Nation Network has been on the front lines of reporting on issues involving the safety of truck drivers. This issue is a passion for us and is not given nearly enough attention in the establishment trucking press for various reasons, which we won’t divulge the reasons why here. However, based on the volume and intensity of feedback we have been receiving from Transportation Nation members and viewers, it is clear we are at a tipping point. The recent escalation of criminals targeting and perpetrating violence against truck drivers has more and more truckers saying “enough!”

Transportation Nation Viewers Sound Off!

Transportation Nation Network viewers are letting their opinions on the issue of trucker safety be known. Many are expressing the need to hold our elected and trucking industry leaders accountable for not demanding and taking meaningful action to protect the men and women who keep America moving. Their message seems to be enough is enough! Here’s a sampling:

Jeremy Wallenkamp is demanding something be done and he’s ready to support the effort:

Trucker, country music artist and friend of Transportation Nation, Bill Weaver, had some strong words for law enforcement:

Commenting on the murder of Kevin Johnson in Michigan, Connie Boyce Pinks says:

Discussing the murder of broken down overnight trucker, Frankie Washington, Julie Marie (Facebook) and Michelle M. Kitchin (Twitter) expressed disgust for trucking companies that don’t accommodate truckers in safer areas:

Phylisia Compton wants federal gun carry reciprocity to ensure all states recognize the 2nd amendments rights of law abiding citizens in order to protect themselves:

Discussing how Karmeshia Taylor could have been dead in her truck at a truck stop for 3 days before she was found, Elaine Johnson says:


Also weighing in on the unsolved homicide of Karmeshia Taylor, Greenfield Carper wonders why it took her employer 3 days to notice her missing:


Others are expressing messages of condolences and the need to keep driver’s safe:

Your Feedback Is Important To Us

We sincerely appreciate your feedback and support of Transportation Nation Network. We are just getting started and will continue to cover stories many in the media won’t. We will never be afraid to report the hard truths about what is happening to truckers. Thank you for your kind words of support!

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