EXCLUSIVE: NYC Still Cracking Down on Truckers Despite Citywide Lockdown

New York, NY – Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators making deliveries in New York City (NYC) continue to face costly citations despite an unprecedented lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NYC has become the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

In response, local and state officials last week enacted sweeping “stay at home” policies, ordering all non-essential businesses to close and non-essential travel to cease.


Truckers making deliveries into the Big Apple are more crucial than ever, prominent New York lawyer Arthur Miller tells Transportation Nation Network (TNN).

“In this time of crisis when we need basic services, why should they (CMV operators) be subject to getting tickets?”

Miller, who began his own transportation-specific law firm in Queens in 1995, also operates a popular website, NewYorkTruckStop.com, with his son Zach.

Together the father and son duo often hit the streets of the most populace city in the United States and report what they discover on social media and their weekly podcast, New York Truck Stop Radio.


Miller is warning truckers that NYC law enforcement is still cracking down on the smallest of traffic and parking infractions even amid the citywide lockdown.

“We are hearing that some of the major delivery companies are getting tickets. If I see one, to me that is reprehensible enough. The whole thing just smells,” Miller stated.

Adding to Miller’s frustration is the “hypocrisy” of Mayor Bill De Blasio with regard to ticketing within the city.

Miller says moped and bike riders making food service deliveries for companies like Grub Hub and Door Dash often “don’t follow the traffic rules,” but yet, De Blasio is “not ticketing them.”


Though Miller acknowledges NYC law enforcement is facing a crisis unlike anything we have seen in our lifetimes, he is asking for that understanding to flow both ways.

“I think we have to cut them a little slack, but who is cutting us slack?” he asked.


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NYC is known to have among the most restrictive and difficult laws in the U.S. for CMV operators.

During Miller’s more than three decades helping motor carriers fight overregulation, he has seen the devastating impact extra costs can have on small businesses.

“Tickets could take a small business over the edge,” he stated.


Further, he argues in a time such as this, when businesses are struggling to survive, city and state leaders should help make delivering critical supplies easier.

“Truckers are still running while we are all staying home. They should be given commendations instead of citations,” Miller exclaimed.

Despite this reality, Miller has a message for truckers serving the needs of the citizens of NYC.

“Thank you so much for coming in here and doing what you do. The people overall really appreciate you. The average citizen really appreciates it,” he said.

Photos courtesy of New York Truck Stop/Arthur Miller



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