EXCLUSIVE: Trump-tastic Big Rig is Making a YUUUUGE Impression

Naples, FL – A trucker of more than 40 years recently hit the road in a one-of-a-kind big rig and it is already making a yuuuuge impression on millions of people.

Since 1990, trucker Bryan Dax has been the proud owner of one of the last Diamond Reo semi-trucks ever sold in the United States.


It also just so happens to be one of, if not, the largest semi-truck ever sold in the United States.

“It’s ‘unofficially’ the largest semi-tractor in the country,” Dax told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) in an exclusive interview.

Appropriately named the “Red Giant,” it features a whopping 45.5′ tractor boasting an impressive 21′ sleeper that is truly a home on wheels.

Dax, who hails from Two Rivers, WI, told TNN he got the idea in 2005 to turn the truck’s expansive exterior into a giant marketing opportunity for companies.

“I feel like I have the largest moving billboard in America,” he said.

So, he and his wife, Denise, got to work at making the Red Giant even more incredible.

It took five years to complete, but the behemoth tractor now boasts two built-in 11′ by 6′ LED screens — one on each side — complete with sound.


She pulls a low body 53′ race trailer, which for the past two years, has transported luxury and exotic cars.

It’s traveled across the country, hauling freight and attending special events, sharing his client’s marketing messages.

And it was one of those marketing messages that caught the attention of Naples, FL-resident Bob Broitzman.

In February 2020, Dax found himself at a Home Depot near Broitzman’s hometown picking up a Maserati to transport.

Broitzman noticed the giant semi-truck sitting in the parking lot and was curious about the product prominently displayed on the Red Giant.

He pulled up next to the truck and the two men struck up a conversation.

Not too far into their dialogue, Dax, out of the blue, posed a unique question to Broitzman: “Are you a Trump fan?”

Broitzman admitted to TNN he was unsure of where the question was leading, but replied with a, “Yeah, why do you ask?”


Dax then pulled out a digital rendering of what he hoped would be the Red Giant’s next trailer wrap.

As a proud American and supporter of the country’s 45th President, Broitzman said he was blown away by the mock-up.

The patriotic-themed tractor and trailer wrap featuring President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence was almost as impressive as the semi-truck itself.

Dax’s Diamond Reo semi-truck is “unofficially” the largest tractor in the country boasting an impressive 21′ sleeper and two built-in 11′ by 6′ LED screens — one on each side — complete with sound.

Dax expressed he first had the idea when President Trump was elected in 2016, and he began in 2018 to seriously take steps to bring it to fruition.

However, dead end after dead end brought him to election year 2020 with still no Trump truck wrap.

“I was about to quit,” Dax admitted, saying he had become increasingly “frustrated and depressed” as a result of the recent impeachment of the President by the House of Representatives as well as the daily onslaught of political and media attacks on Mr. Trump.

“Nothing was panning out” to make the wrap a reality and Dax was running out of time.

So, in desperation, he asked the stranger in the Home Depot parking lot for help.

“[Dax] told me, ‘I’m looking for sponsors to do this. Can you help me out?'” Broitzman recalled.


At the time, Broitzman was seven months into recovery from a liver transplant and taking life one day at a time.

“I didn’t even have all my thoughts together!” he said with a laugh.

But as those thoughts came together and time progressed, he realized this was his chance to help promote a cause he was passionate about as well.

“Our country is being torn apart. We have to stand up for what’s right,” Broitzman declared.

So when Dax reached back out in July for one final effort to make it happen, Broitzman said he was quick to jump into action.

Bob Broitzman (left) and Bryan Dax (right) collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind Trump-tastic big rig that is drawing a yuuuuuge amount of attention.

He made a few calls, one of which was to a local printing and wrap company.

Within a matter of hours Broitzman secured enough sponsorship funds to make Dax’s dream a reality.

The two men, along with the team from the wrap company, met in mid-July at a Love’s travel center off of Interstate 75 and the team quickly put a plan into motion.

From there, things happened rapidly.


On July 27, Dax pulled the Red Giant into a garage that had been secured in Bonita Springs and the team at Panda Printing got to work, removing the existing wrap and installing the new one.

At the same time, Broitzman reached out to multiple local and national media outlets to try to spread the truck’s message.

He even invited camera crews to capture the truck being wrapped.

“They didn’t want any part of this!” he said dumbfounded. “I don’t understand that. I reached out to the national news, even FOX News. Everybody had a chance to clamp onto this, but nobody was interested.”


He admitted the disappointment “set him back” a bit in his mind, but he quickly reminded himself of the reason he was a part of this: “What President Trump is going through… from the Russian hoax to impeachment, and everything his family is going through… even Vice President Pence, I’m not leaving him out of this, even though a lot of people are. They need our support and help in one way or another.”

Dax credits Broitzman “100 percent” for making the wrap happen, saying “He and his wife (Maureen) have been fantastic to me.”

After five days, the Red Giant was ready to make her debut and maiden voyage with her new wrap.

No sooner did the truck pull onto I-75 headed north towards Tampa on Saturday, August 1 did she have her first viral moment.


An impressed motorist filmed the semi and posted the video to TikTok.

It quickly amassed over a million views.

Photos of the truck started popping up on other social media platforms and questions began whirling about the rig.

What is it? What’s its purpose? Where did it come from? Would YOU drive it?

The attention the men are getting from the truck is still new, but both tell TNN everywhere it’s been, it draws massive fanfare from the public.


Prior to the truck’s first “official” appearance at a ribbon cutting of the Republication Headquarters in Naples on Tuesday evening, Broitzman said he was filled with pride as he watched law enforcement gather around to take photos with the Red Giant.

Both men hope the truck will soon catch the eye of the President and Vice President.

In fact, it’s their dream that the President and Vice President will one day sign it, which is a real possibility since its already caught the eye of the Republican National Committee.

Regardless, Dax vows to run the truck with pride between now and November 3, and “work hard through the swing states.”


He jokingly told TNN he may have to get an earplug for his left ear from all the honking of support he’s been getting on the road.

In just over 72 hours, he said he’s only gotten the ‘bird’ four times — three from women, and one from a man.

“All the rest were blowing horns for Trump!”

You can follow the Red Giant’s travels via Twitter by clicking HERE.
If you would like to support the truck, you can contribute to the Red Giant’s GoFundMe HERE.



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  1. I believe this is merely barnstorming and ego inflating for the driver/ owner and further believe it should be outlawed. As your driving you’ll come to wreck locations and the rubber-neckers will slow traffic in all directions and some cause additional accidents. When driving and you notice an exotic car, boat,or even a Nascar 53′ trailer with wrap depicting a popular driver, same dangerous experience. The similar unnecessary ad billboards are driver distractions equivalent to operating your phone. In this situation, politics can get you killed or you could kill others. Some things you shouldn’t have to tell grown folk:let it end!

  2. P.S.
    When at the wheel keep your eyes on the road signs and your abilities on the potential problematic congestion picture in front and around you.


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