Family of Man Killed While Breaking Into Big Rig Accuses Trucker of Murder

Ringgold, LA – The family of a man who was killed on Sunday while attempting to break into a semi-truck is accusing the trucker who shot him of murder.

A GoFundMe account set up by the family of 35-year-old Jonathan “Bubba” Raney is seeking thousands in donations after, they say, Raney was murdered.


As Transportation Nation Network (TNN) reported, the deadly incident unfolded on Sunday around 5 a.m. in the parking lot of Pot Luck & Liquor, located at 3948 U.S. Highway 371 in Ringgold.

A trucker — whose identity has not been released by authorities — had received permission from the liquor store to park his rig on the property overnight.

Authorities say the driver was asleep when Raney broke the glass door of the liquor store before moving onto the semi-truck.

The trucker told police he was awakened by Raney trying to break the driver’s side window.

When told to stop, the driver said Raney moved to the passenger side and grabbed the outside rearview mirror and was hanging on it while attempting to kick in the window.


The trucker grabbed his firearm and fired four shots at Raney, striking him.

Raney later died at a nearby hospital.

The driver was questioned by authorities following the incident and allowed to leave.


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While Bienville Parish Sheriff John Ballance said the shooting was justified, as the trucker appeared to be defending himself, Raney’s family is calling the incident a “murder.”

“It is with a heavy heart I post this for my family,” Raney’s sister, Lacey, wrote on the GoFundMe page. “[My] brother was murdered on 2-21-21.”


The GoFundMe is categorized under the “Accidents & Emergencies” section of the website.

Lacy went on to say her brother “had not been with his new job long enough for burial insurance.”

The fundraiser is seeking $6,000.

Lacey also sought prayers for their mother, siblings, and Raney’s three children.

No charges have been filed against the trucker and none are expected.

As of publishing, the GoFundMe has raised $2,755.

Photo courtesy family of Jonathan Raney



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  1. So what was the truck driver supposed to do? Let the guy break in and possibly kill him? I don’t think so. Self defense, not murder. While I feel for the family they have no one to blame but the person that was the offender.

  2. We live in theses trucks you try to break in our trucks we are going to assume that you are trying to hurt or kills so we are going to blow your ass off of our steps


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