Family of Trucker Found Murdered Along Alabama Interstate Reveals Haunting New Details


Man Arrested and Charged With Roadside Murder of Female Trucker

Fairfield, AL – The family of a trucker who was found murdered by her semi-truck along an Alabama interstate last week is speaking out about the circumstances surrounding her death.

According to the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation (ASBI), on Wednesday, August 19, the body of 53-year-old Christine LeTourneau Summers, of Hazel Green, AL, was discovered by a fellow trucker near her rig, which was parked on I-59/20 close to mile marker 118 near Fairfield.


Her body was found covered in blood with Summers’ truck keys and a flashlight on the ground nearby.

At the time of her murder, Summers was driving for Nashville, TN-based RTR Transportation Services.

ASBI was quick to label Summers’ death a homicide, and now the family is sharing more details surrounding her tragic death.

Koneta Brown Westbrook identified herself as Summers’ cousin by marriage.

In a Facebook post, which as of publishing has over 114,000 shares, she said she is first cousins with Summers’ husband, Lamar.

According to Westbrook, Summers and her husband were veteran truck drivers of “at least 30 years.”


Westbrook said the couple drove as a team “for at least 20 or so of those years,” until Lamar had to come off the road “due to some health issues.”

Summers, who Westbrook described as a “beautiful, hardworking, wife, mom, and grandmother,” had been driving solo since then.

Westbrook explained Summers was talking to Lamar on her headset as she was traveling I-59/20 and told him she thought she may have hit someone.

Apparently she stopped to check, and that was the last stop she made,” Westbrook said. “Someone beat her to death.”

Westbrook went on to offer a warning to truckers traveling in the area, stating that it’s her understanding that truckers are being targeted.


She explained that she is the proud mother and aunt to truckers and is concerned for their safety.

“Apparently these people are throwing something at the trucks, making the driver think they have hit something or someone,” she stated. “If that driver gets out of his or her truck to check, then they may not get back in.”

“Please be careful out over the road. We want you all to get back home safe,” Westbrook pleaded.


She implored truckers — and all motorists — to be aware of surroundings.

Additionally, Westbrook reminded truckers to never exit their trucks and to call 9-1-1 if ever in a suspicious situation.


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ASBI has yet to release any further details into the homicide investigation.

Once ASBI completes its investigation, findings will be turned over to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office. will continue to keep you updated as authorities provide more details.

Westbrook said Summers was laid to rest on Monday.


Man Arrested and Charged With Roadside Murder of Female Trucker


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