Fast Food Giant Quickly Provides “Ordering Solution” to Truckers After Pleas for Help

Chicago, IL – The world’s largest fast food chain is responding to pleas on behalf of truckers amid widespread restaurant closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restaurant restrictions nationwide continue to make finding a hot meal more challenging for the men and women delivering America’s goods.

Last week, the Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC) sent an urgent letter to McDonald’s Corporation asking for emergency changes to be made to allow truckers easier access to food.

“We are told truckers are being refused service when they walk up to your drive thru windows because they are not in sedans and their 80,000 lb. big rig trucks do not fit through your drive thru driveways,” James Lamb, president of the SBTC wrote.


Lamb implored McDonald’s executives to “please temporarily arrange for nationwide accommodations to serve truckers while your restaurants are closed.”

Joining in the fast food fight to help truckers was 38-year-old Jason Roland.

Roland, who describes himself as an “average citizen,” is an IT specialist from Clarksville, TN.

He tells Transportation Nation Network (TNN) he saw a friend’s post on social media about the difficulties truckers were having and took it upon himself to help. (See post below.)

Roland says the message in the post was a “wake up” call, and he, like many others, “took for granted the critical role truckers play in our society.”

“It became clear to me there was a problem, but the people who could solve it had to become aware of it first,” he commented.


In his 20-year career in the technology sector, Roland says he has developed relationships with some of the nation’s top business executives.

“I have access to information that most people don’t. I used that access to be able to get a direct line to these individuals,” he said.

Roland tells TNN he reached out to Joe Erlinger, president of the McDonald’s Corporation, and Jose Cil, CEO of Restaurant Brands International (RBI), which owns food chains such as Burger King, Tim Horton’s and Popeyes.

“Once they became aware of the problem they had an obligation to act because we are all in this together,” Roland said.

He says he received a response from Erlinger a few days later with the message to “let truckers know” about the solution McDonald’s would soon be offering.


That’s when he says he sought to contact someone in the trucking industry “big enough in the business to make an impact.”

A quick Google search of “truckers and fast food” led him to TNN’s article entitled: Trucking Group Asks Fast Food Giant to “Please Help Truckers” at Drive Thrus.

“I saw Mr. Lamb’s name and I thought, ‘that’s the guy,'” Roland recalls.

So, Roland excitedly reached out to Lamb to inform him McDonald’s had developed a solution.


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On Monday, McDonald’s released a statement to the trucking community regarding that solution.

“We wanted to personally reach out to you and let you know that, to support you in this effort, McDonald’s restaurants are doing their best to remain open to provide hot meals to our customers and employees, as long as local, state, and federal governments continue to allow us to do so,” Bill Garrett, senior vice president of operations, said. “We realize that you can’t bring your rig through the Drive-Thru and for safety reasons, we cannot accept walk up orders at the Drive-Thru window.”


However, McDonald’s says it is being responsive to truckers by providing a curbside solution via its Mobile Order & Pay app.

The fast food giant recommended the following steps when seeking to order a meal.

  • Use McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app, when you arrive at the restaurant.
  • Select Curbside Service and walk to the designated Trucker curbside sign on the sidewalk outside our designated door.
  • Complete your order by entering the appropriate Trucker curbside number and we’ll bring your order to you at the designated door as soon as it’s ready!

McDonald’s says drivers can download the app via from Apple iTunes or the Android Play Store or click HERE to scan the QR code.

“Thank you again for all you’re doing during this uncertain time. Know that we’re doing everything we can to be there for you as long as we can,” Garrett pledged.


Roland says he hopes the “curbside ordering solution” will make life better for truckers.

“Some of us understand that truckers are working longer hours and none of us understand what that is like and can even comprehend it. Just keep trucking because we need you right now,” Roland declared.

Lamb tells TNN the SBTC is “ecstatic that McDonald’s has stepped up and has pledged to do right by truckers” during this difficult time.

“We believe Jason transcended our efforts and effected their pro-trucker response by getting through to McDonalds’ executives,” Lamb praised. “Great job, Jason!”


Roland is hopeful Burger King and other fast food chains will follow suit in the coming days.

He says he will continue to work to that end to help truckers.

“I am not anybody special. I just realized where I could help and I will keep doing my part,” he promised.



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  1. I live in Canada and downloaded the McDonald’s app but I cannot order any food when I am in the US it cannot find any locations Canadians have to eat too . burger king allows you to knock on the drive through window


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