Fatal 5 Semi Pileup Leads To Trucker Jumping From Bridge And Falling To His Death

Superior, Montana – A 5 semi pileup along icy Interstate 90 between Tarkio and Superior Wednesday morning claimed the lives of two truck drivers.

Montana Highway Patrol (MHP) says all 5 of the semis involved in the accident at approximately 4 a.m. were traveling along eastbound I-90 when the first semi, a flatbed hauling lumber, lost control due to “black ice” and went broadside spilling its load of lumber and completely blocking the eastbound lanes.

The driver of the flatbed was not injured, but two minutes later MHP says a second semi veered left to avoid the scene and crashed through the guardrail and coming to rest in the westbound lanes. A witness reportedly described what happened next as, according to MHP, the truck driver exited his truck.


In fear he would be struck by oncoming westbound traffic, the trucker jumped over the guardrail of the bridge and fell 100-150 feet to his death according to officials.

Shortly thereafter, a third semi-truck went into a broadside skid and crashed into the first semi-truck. Officials say the driver of the third semi was partially ejected but survived having sustained serious injuries.

A fourth semi traveling eastbound also then slammed into the first and third semis, but officials report the driver of that rig was not seriously injured.

5 Semi Pileup Along I-90 Claims Lives Of 2 Truck Drivers

The horrific scene grew even deadlier when a fifth semi also traveling eastbound crashed into the first, third and fourth semis. MHP says the driver of the fifth semi was killed in the collision.

The fatal scene became even more chaotic shortly after the crews from the Frenchtown Rural Fire department arrived. Members of that crew were assisting crew members from the Superior Fire Volunteer Fire Department already on scene when a firefighter slipped on black ice. According to officials that firefighter fell over the bridge deck.

The firefighter sustained life-threatening injuries. No update on his condition has been released. Additionally, officials have not yet released the identities of the truck driver who died on the scene.

Transportation Nation Network will continue to follow this story.

Sources: krtv, abcfoxmontana 

Photos courtesy of Frenchtown Rural Fire District

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