Feds Close Multiple Bridges, Dozens of Streets as D.C. Remains in Lockdown for Inauguration

Washington D.C. – Our nation’s capital remains in lockdown in anticipation of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday.

The U.S. Secret Service announced on Tuesday it was closing and/or restricting access to multiple bridges and dozens of streets in and around Washington D.C.


The restrictions became effective today at 6 a.m. and will not be lifted until Thursday, January 21, at 6 a.m.

Click HERE to view a list of all bridges and street closures and restrictions.

Due to the pandemic the inauguration of Joe Biden is being billed as “virtual” with scaled down events and a light footprint.

However, in the wake of the riot at the Capitol on January 6, the U.S. military along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has taken unprecedented security measures.

The National Mall is closed to the public.

A seven foot fence topped with razor wire has been erected around the Capitol Building.

More than 26,000 armed National Guard troops from every state now occupy the streets of D.C.


Military trucks line many roadways as troops have set up barricades and checkpoints in downtown to screen residents.

“We cannot allow a recurrence of the chaos and illegal activity that the United States and the world witnessed last week,” Matt Miller, head of the U.S. Secret Service’s Washington field office, told reporters Friday.

The FBI warned last week that state capitol buildings could also be targeted by extremists on or around inauguration day, though U.S. intelligence sources say they currently have no knowledge of any specific planned attacks.


Additionally, it is unclear how long this level of National Guard presence will be occupying D.C., but new reporting indicates the Pentagon is planning to indefinitely leave a residual force of 6,200 troops.

Still, truckers and members of the motoring public traveling in or through D.C. or any state capital this week are advised to be on alert.

Image courtesy of Twitter/Jack Posobiec



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