FLAMING RESCUE: Inside Brave Rescue To Save A Trucker’s Life

San Antonio, Texas – Martin Brogan was late for an appointment he had been “putting off” he says when he was traveling along U.S. 281 on Wednesday. He says he was in the middle lane traveling at a speed of approximately “60-65” miles-per-hour when a big rig passed him in the left lane. “When he first passed me I’m thinking, ‘well he’s in a semi and he’s going a little fast’,” Brogan told KENS 5 News. The roadway makes a sharp bend that Brogan says apparently the driver “didn’t realize how sharp it turned to the right,” and so the scene was set for a potentially fatal outcome Brogan says started to happen “in slow motion.” The semi began tipping to the left and when the driver overcorrected the inevitable happened causing the rig to overturn and skid along the roadway for approximately 75 feet.


Courtesy Martin Brogan


The rig caught fire quickly and Brogan said he pulled over on the highway along with 10 other people. However Brogan was the first person to take swift action. Brogan says he didn’t see the driver on the road so he ran to the cab. “I tried to kick the glass,” Brogan said, but he was not able to break it. Brogan knew he needed help and fast.


Courtesy of Lee Evans


He flagged down a van of plumbers and asked them for a hammer. The plumbers had tools they were then able to break into the glass with. Brogan says the truck driver was in the sleeper. “When we found him he was in the back. His eyes were wide and he was in the fetal position like he was in shock,” he said. The men were able to pull the driver from the burning rig and save his life. Once the driver’s life was out of immediate danger Brogan stepped away from the flames to call 9-1-1.


Courtesy of Gil Juarez


A woman who witnessed the rescue told KSAT, “They saved his life. By the time fire/police had arrived the vehicle was fully involved. If it weren’t for those men he would have burned to death.” Brogan credits it all to fate. “I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, luckily,” he said.



Authorities have not released the name of the truck driver. The semi was hauling cotton and plastic.


The video report is shared courtesy of KENS 5. KSAT also contributed to this report.


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