Flatbed Trucker Learns a Lesson He’ll Never Forget After Inspection Doesn’t Go So Well

Augusta, GA – A flatbed trucker likely learned a valuable lesson this week about the importance of load securement after an inspection didn’t quite go so well.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety (GaDPS) took to social media on Friday to share what happened this morning during an inspection of a big rig.


According to GaDPS, an officer with the Motor Carrier Compliance Division (Region 4) observed a semi-truck hauling a load of lumber that was improperly secured.

As the officer pulled the tractor-trailer over to conduct an inspection, the load shifted forward and smashed into the tractor.

“This shows the importance of properly securing your load,” GaDPS wrote.

A GaDPS spokesperson told Transportation Nation Network the incident occurred at approximately 10:20 a.m. along Gordon Highway at Interstate 520.

“The driver was cited for ‘Unsecure Load,’” the spokesperson confirmed.


Commenters were quick to sound off.

“Sucks to be him but he definitely learned his lesson,” said Dennis McKinney.

Given the skyrocketing price of lumber, Russell Smith quipped, “Someone almost lost millions of dollars there.”

“Lumber [is] so high he may need a police car escort,” Peter Hill joked.

Jonathan Mills chose to assess the situation this way.

“From the looks of that banding it wasn’t banded tight enough coming from the lumber yard! Because if you notice it slid from inside the middle of the stack. It didn’t appear to fall from the sides of the bundle. The only way this could’ve really been prevented is tighter banding and maybe if the tailer had a bulkhead it would not slide forward into the cab of the truck!”


Kevin Simmons also weighed in on what he thinks went wrong.

“He should have had straps on both tiers. Not just two pathetic straps over all that at one time. Weak load gets results like this!”

GaDPS did not provide the identity of the driver or the trucking company.


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