Florida County Makes It Illegal To Park Semi In Your Own Driveway

Lee County, Florida – Controversy is brewing after Lee County, Florida officials voted on Tuesday to ban owners of semi-trucks from parking in their own driveways.

On Tuesday, May 7, Lee County Commissioners voted to ban large commercial vehicles from being parked in residential driveways.

The new ordinance makes it illegal for residents and homeowners to park a large commercial vehicle, weighing more than 15,000 pounds, on their property.

Commissioners did exempt personal RVs from the ordinance along with those who live in areas zoned as agricultural.


Reports by local media outlets NBC2 and Wink News indicated numerous residents spoke up expressing their displeasure during a public comment period.

One upset resident who spoke at Tuesday’s meeting said, “You should be able to do what you want on your property. You guys are taking away people’s rights and charging them if it is on their property. Now if it’s on county property that’s one thing, but if it’s on your property? That’s just totally wrong.”

Another community member who spoke out said, “If people have a piece of property they can fit their truck on and come home for a long weekend, I don’t think that’s a big deal.”

However, leaders maintained action needed to be taken.

“We regularly get complaints from people who live in residential neighborhoods that semi drivers are bringing their rigs home overnight and parking them either on the county right of way or in the vacant lot next to their house,” said District 4 Commissioner Brian Hamman. “That is not the type of vehicle to have in a residential area.”

County leaders said keeping big rigs off of neighborhood streets will help reduce the costs of pavement repairs as well.


Commissioner Hamman says officers will not be aggressively enforcing the ordinance, but will respond to complaints about violators and issue citations and fines accordingly.

“The county is not going to send an army of deputies or code enforcement to look for trucks commercial vehicles violations,” Hamman said. “This is going to be driven based upon if your neighbors are happy with you.”

Big Rig Parking Controversy Also Brewing In Orange County

Controversy is also intensifying only about 170 miles northeast of Lee County in Orange County as leaders there are promising to step up enforcement efforts against semi-trucks parked illegally in residential neighborhoods.

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