FMCSA Awards $80 MILLION in Grants to Bolster CDL Training and Technology Deployment

Washington D.C. – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced this week it has awarded nearly $80 million in grants to states and educational institutions for the purpose of enhancing commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safety.

Specifically, the FMCSA awarded $45 million in High Priority (HP) grants, $32.7 million in Commercial Driver’s License Program Implementation (CDLPI) grants, and $2 million in Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Safety Training (CMVOST) grants.


In an announcement on Wednesday, U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said, “These awards of nearly $80 million represent the highest funding level for these critical safety grants to enhance commercial motor vehicle and road safety.”

FMCSA Acting Administrator Jim Mullen also weighed in.

“This critical funding will support FMCSA’s state and local safety partners, and illustrates the Trump Administration’s commitment to reducing crashes and improving safety on America’s roadways,” he said. “These funds will go directly to where they are needed the most—our states, local communities, and educational institutions.”

About the Programs

FMCSA’s HP grant program consists of HP-Commercial Motor Vehicle (HP-CMV) grants and HP-Innovative Technology Deployment (HP-ITD) grants.


The Agency says HP-CMV grants are designed to provide financial assistance to state commercial vehicle safety efforts, while HP-ITD grants provide financial assistance to advance the technological capability and promote the deployment of intelligent transportation system applications for CMV operations.

FMCSA’s CDLPI grant program provides financial assistance to states to achieve compliance with FMCSA regulations concerning driver’s license standards and programs.


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Additionally, the CDLPI grant program provides financial assistance to other entities capable of executing national projects that aid states in their compliance efforts.


FMCSA’s CMVOST grant program awards grants to a variety of educational institutions that provide commercial truck and bus driving training, including accredited public or private colleges, universities, vocational-technical schools, post-secondary educational institutions, truck driver training schools, associations, and state and local governments, including federally recognized Native American tribal governments.

Click HERE to learn more about FMCSA grants.



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  1. maybe now they can pay everytime they pick me for a random drug test. Theres a shortage of drivers because the federal goverment has their hands in everything..alot of good drivers have left the industry because of this

    1. I see no shortage of drivers out here, what I do see is a shortage of professionals. I see one too many narcissist wet nursed children out here driving these rigs. Flip flops, beach attire, don’t give a shit attitudes. It is to the point that I joke about my attire, work boots, Carhartt work jeans and the appropriate shirt. I dress like this so folks don’t think I am one of those truck drivers. Not a group I want to be associated with.

  2. Great comment. There’s a lot of old timers that have been leaving the industry lately. Unfortunately there has also been a lot of newbies coming in and they are definitely wet behind the ears! I believe this new type of driver lacks respect and camaraderie towards this industry. I don’t see the passion in their eyes either. When I’m communicating with the veteran drivers, I love it when they show their trucker fire. The stories and knowledge they share with me is what makes me proud to be a driver. I Love it!!! I just wanted to share this thought and tell all those Trucker G’s out there…Thank You for your service and inspiration!!! Keep on Truckin!


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