FMCSA’s $675M Budget Calls for ‘Transformational Investment’ in Automated and Electric Trucks

Washington D.C. – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 Budget Request calls for a “transformational investment” in research and adoption of automated driving systems (ADS) and electric heavy duty trucks.

As part of the Biden Administration’s recently unveiled $6 trillion FY2022 budget proposal, the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) is requesting $88 billion and the FMCSA is asking Congress for $675.8 million.


These funds are requested in addition to monies included in the now $1.7 trillion American Job’s Plan proposed by President Biden.

The FMCSA makes clear it will prioritize “research and analysis in the ADS technology space” along with “preparing for the next generation of electric vehicles (EVs), including electric commercial motor vehicles.”

Specifically, the Agency intends to “examine efficiency gains from ADS design and deployment within the trucking sector, including productivity, fuel savings, and route planning efficiencies.”


In pursuit of its stated goal of promoting the adoption of Level 2 and 3 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the FMCSA is promising lawmakers it will continue conducting research into the effectiveness of ADAS in preventing commercial motor vehicle (CMV) involved crashes.

Additionally, the FMCSA said it will work to develop “national uniform standards” for interacting with ADS Level 4 and 5 automated CMVs during roadside truck inspections, in work zone areas, “post-crash emergency response” situations, and ensuring proper deployment of required hazard triangles when a driverless truck becomes disabled.

As for EV trucks, the FMCSA said it also plans to conduct research to support development of regulations, procedures, and guidance to roadside inspectors regarding inspecting EV trucks and responding to EV crashes.


The Agency asserted such investments in EV trucks are essential because EVs have the “potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions” and “mitigate climate change.”

Click HERE to read the USDOT’s FY 2022 Budget Request.


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