Focus On… Cummins X15 Pt 2: Efficiency Series

As engine platforms go, Cummins’ ISX has to be considered slightly remarkable. It was introduced in 1998, although the program that brought the engine to life began in 1994. It survived the transition to EGR and then to SCR aftertreatment — while several other engines did not — and it’s still very much alive and kicking today.

As with any product, the key to its longevity and appeal is innovation. It has changed with the times and with customer demands. Nearly 20 years after it launched, the 2017 version of the engine brings new technology and engineering advancements to market that deliver better performance, better efficiency and lower cost of ownership.

For 2017 there are two distinct versions of the engine, one tuned for fuel economy, the other for performance. This video features the Efficiency Series engine. The first part one of this 3-part series features a 2016 ISX engine to provide a baseline for comparison. The third video covers the Performance Series version.


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