Former President Trump Says Republicans ‘Being Played’ on Infrastructure Deal

Washington D.C. – Fresh off his first rally since leaving the White House, former President Donald Trump is weighing in on the bipartisan infrastructure deal.

In a newly released statement, the former occupant of the Oval Office blasted “RINO (Republicans In Name Only) Republicans” for going “back and forth to the White House and continually get nothing on infrastructure or anything else.”

“When will they learn that they are being played with, and used by, the Radical Left — and only bad things can happen,” he said.


Specifically, Mr. Trump was referring to a group of five Republican senators — who joined with five Democratic senators — to negotiate a deal with President Joe Biden.

The gang of 10 were alongside President Biden last week at the White House to announce a $953 billion deal had been reached on a five-year infrastructure spending plan.

However, it didn’t take long before the agreement was in peril after both President Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) indicated the bipartisan deal was contingent on a separate budget “reconciliation” bill — packed with trillions of dollars in new spending — also passing the U.S. Senate.


Many Republicans were livid and responded by accusing Mr. Biden and the Democrats of trying to pull a “bait-and-switch” on them.

Sensing the deal was slipping away, the President issued a new statement over the weekend to clarify that he would sign the bipartisan deal regardless of what happens with the upcoming budget reconciliation bill.

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The White House then dispatched United States Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on a media blitz in hopes of salvaging pubic support for the agreement.

While some reports indicate the deal could be back on, it remains tenuous at best.


In either case, the former president is urging his party to seek new leaders.

“Should have never lost the Senate in the first place, thanks [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch [McConnell]! New leadership is needed, and fast!” Mr. Trump implored.

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