Freedom Convoy Issues Demands, Organizers Say ‘Truly Sorry’ Supply Chain Could Worsen

Ottawa, ON — Organizers of the Freedom Convoy 2022 have released a list of demands as the unprecedented slow roll protest continues toward Canada’s capital.

Late Wednesday, Tamara Lich, a lead organizer of the historic convoy — now expected to reach as many as 50,000 trucks by the time it reaches Ottawa this weekend — released a lengthy statement on the Freedom Convoy’s Facebook page making clear what the group is demanding of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and governmental leaders.


“On January 15, a small team of Alberta truckers, their family members and friends, came for the decision that the Government of Canada has crossed a line with implementing COVID-19 vaccine passports and vaccine mandates,” Lich said. “As of today, we now have the support of millions of Canadians across the country. It is time for these vaccine mandates and surveillance tracking software to end.”

Lich put forward a list of four demands:

1) The federal and provincial governments terminate the vaccine passports and all other obligatory vaccine contact tracing programs or enter-Canada passport systems.

2) Terminate COVID vaccine mandates and respect the rights of those who wish to remain unvaccinated.

3) Cease the divisive rhetoric attacking Canadians who disagree with government mandates.

4) Cease to limit debate through coercive measures with the goal of censoring those who have varying or incorrect opinions.


In addition to the specific demands, Lich also addressed the expected impact to the country’s already struggling supply chain.

Noting that the “supply chain has been in shambles for well over a year due to the various provincial governments in Canada imposing draconian and illiberal restrictions on business activity and the entire Canadian economy,” Lich said organizers were “truly sorry” the convoy is likely to exacerbate the problem.

“Due to the size of our movement and the overwhelming support we are receiving from people around the world, we can no longer promise that the average Canadian will not be disrupted by our convoy,” she wrote. “As soon as our list of demands have been met and the government re-opens the country and abandons these digital passports and mandates the way the United Kingdom has just done, we will do our absolute best to ensure the supply chain returns to its normal operations as quickly as possible.”


She also addressed new comments by Prime Minister Trudeau on Wednesday denouncing the group as a “small fringe” with “unacceptable views.”

“It is saddening that this kind of rhetoric is coming from Prime Minister Trudeau and his government. He is continually issuing defamatory comments and maligning large segments of the population. We are peaceful, hardworking Canadians who love our country and want the betterment of all Canadians,” Lich responded.


Since Transportation Nation Network (TNN) first broke the story in the United States, the convoy has attracted hundreds of thousands of supporters helping organizers raise nearly C$6 million via a GoFundMe campaign.

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Much has been reported in recent days about the fundraising site’s unwillingness, so far, to release the funds.

In a statement on Tuesday, GoFundMe said convoy organizers have yet to provide a “withdrawal plan” that meets its requirements of ensuring “every dollar donated on our platform reaches the right place.”

Organizers quickly responded telling supporters the money was not “frozen” as many media reports suggested.


Organizers confirmed to TNN they have secured legal counsel to work with GoFundMe representatives in order to coordinate the release of the funds, noting multiple emails have gone “back and forth” over the last few days.

Organizers tell TNN contingency plans are already in the works if for any reason GoFundMe continues to delay or ultimately refuses to release the money.

Supporters can also donate using e-transfer:

Stay with for continuing and exclusive coverage of Freedom Convoy 2022.

Photo provided to TNN courtesy Lisa Davison/Renegade Heart Photography

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