Freedom Convoy Organizers Hit With $9.8 MILLION Lawsuit Over ‘Tormenting Horn Noise’

Ottawa, ON — Organizers of Freedom Convoy are now facing a nearly C$10 million class-action lawsuit alleging the historic ongoing protest is tormenting Ottawa residents.

In a statement of claim filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on Friday by human rights and labor lawyer Paul Champ, the lawsuit is seeking $4.8 million for “private nuisance” and another $5 million in “punitive damages” on behalf of residents who have been impacted by the week-long demonstration.


“The Freedom Convoy horn protest organized by the defendants has caused significant mental distress, suffering and torment to the plaintiff and the proposed class members,” reads the statement of claim.

The suit names four top protest organizers as defendants: activists Tamara Lich and Pat King, as well as truckers Chris Barber and Benjamin Dichter, but leaves open the possibility of naming as many as 60 defendants.

According to court documents, Champ argues the honking of semi-truck horns can cause permanent damage to the human ear if used frequently and over a sustained period of time.


“Despite these dangers, the Freedom Convoy trucks have been blasting these dangerous horns continuously for 12 to 16 hours per day,” the statement of claim reads.

Videos (like the one below, which contains explicit language) of Ottawa residents frustrated by the noise has circulated all over social media.

The lawsuit proposes the class to be defined as “all persons who reside in Ottawa, Ontario, from Bay Street to Elgin Street and Lisgar Street to Wellington Street.”

It’s yet another challenge facing organizers of the unprecedented protest.


Freedom Convoy organizers were also delivered more bad news on Friday as GoFundMe informed it will NOT release the remaining C$9 million of the group’s campaign which raised more than C$10 million in only a few weeks.

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