Freedom Convoy Organizers Say Protest ‘Ignited a Flame’ While Decrying ‘Violent End’

Ottawa, ON — Organizers of Freedom Convoy 2022 say the historic protest achieved many of its objectives despite the way it was brought to a brutal end.

In a release on Thursday, organizers touted the success of the weeks-long demonstration against Canada’s COVID-19-related mandates and restrictions.


“Although some of the mandates and restrictions are still in place and despite the fact the government refused to enter into dialogue with its own concerned citizenry, we have achieved so much,” organizers said. “It is important for everyone who participated lawfully, peacefully, and made their voices heard, to recognize the success of their actions.”

The group touted a series of governmental and legal actions on COVID-related policies it believes the protest helped to bring about.

One of the most notable achievements, according to organizers, is the impact the historic protest has had on Canadian politics.

“The Freedom Convoy 2022 has changed the political climate, which so far has even re-ordered political parties,” the group said.


Organizers also once again denounced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the federal Emergencies Act to crack down on protesters which they described as effectively bringing the demonstration to a “violent end.”

Many Canadians and people around the world will not soon forget the images of police officers brutalizing protesters.

“We expressly condemn the forceful escalation by law enforcement and their evasive tactics to avoid accountability,” organizers said, citing that police “were not equipped with badge numbers, name tags, or body cameras, which are standard in Canadian policing.”


While expressing deep appreciation to the truckers and concerned Canadians who supported the protest, organizers pointed to the future of the “growing movement” they believe the convoy helped to spark.

“We ignited a flame that has lit a fire in everyone’s heart that will never be extinguished. We are excited to see the growing momentum, and will forever support all peaceful Freedom activists in pursuing the same goals that brought us to Ottawa, and shook the world awake.”

Meanwhile, multiple Freedom Convoy organizers remain in jail on charges ranging from mischief, counseling to commit the offense of mischief and counseling to obstruct police.


One of the founding organizers, Tamara Lich, has been in jail since February 18, when she peacefully surrendered to police in the streets of the nation’s capital.

Lich’s initial request for bail was denied and is expected to remain behind bars until at least early next week when a decision will be made on her appeal request.

Freedom Convoy organizers described Lich as a “political prisoner.”

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