Georgia DPS Puts Trucker on Blast After Pileup Caused by Motorist’s Illegal U-Turn

Troup County, GA – A trucker was put on blast by the Georgia Department of Public Safety (GaDPS) after he was involved in a six vehicle pileup, caused by a motorist who made an illegal U-turn.

The incident occurred at approximately 6 a.m. Thursday, in the southbound lanes of Interstate 85 around mile marker nine in Troup County.


Transportation Nation Network (TNN) looked into the incident and discovered the pileup was caused by a motorist who made an illegal U-turn and then fled the scene before police arrived.

Witnesses to the accident claim a “small, white” vehicle made an illegal U-turn through the median, which caused other vehicles on the road to brake abruptly.

Six vehicles — including one tractor-trailer — were involved in a collision as a result.

Georgia’s Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD) and Georgia State Patrol (GSP) both responded to the crash shortly after it occurred.

During a preliminary investigation conducted by Sergeant First Class Teet, the trucker — whose identity was not disclosed — was found to have discrepancies in his log book.


GaDPS stated the driver recorded himself as off duty on September 1 from midnight until 7:15 a.m.

However, GaDPS alleges Sgt. Teet found “proof” the trucker had been on duty and driving at 1:49 a.m. the morning of September 1.

Officials did not elaborate on the alleged proof obtained by Sgt. Teet.

The trucker was subsequently placed out of service for the falsified logs from Tuesday, September 1.

In its post, GaDPS made no mention of what caused Thursday’s crash and focused solely on the trucker’s suspected falsified logs.

The post set off a bit of a controversy as some social media commenters were quick to pounce on the holes in GaDPS’s report.

“So did having false logs contribute to this crash? Was the driver tired and did he fall asleep?” commenter Brian Blankenship questioned. “Why not advise what actually caused the crash instead of pushing the MCCD narrative because they do not work crashes!! Let’s hear the facts from the Trooper that actually worked this crash.”

“I’m tryin to figure out what idiots on this page are trying to make sense of what he did Tuesday (9/1) having anything to do with today (9/3) as the cause of the wreck if everything in-between lined up,” Derek Ellis wrote.


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Others argued that the trucker wouldn’t have been in the vicinity of the accident if he was running legal.

“If he did falsify his log and they can actually prove it then they will get him cause technically he wasn’t supposed to be there,” Jeremy Lovette asserted. “Always quick to talk down on the officers doing their job.”


Additionally, other commenters on the GaDPS post questioned if the trucker was hauling pandemic relief supplies in the reefer trailer, such as food, as relief haulers have been under an historic hours of service exemption by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) since a National Emergency was declared by President Donald Trump in March.

Thankfully, only minor injuries were reported in the crash.

It is unclear if officials are looking for the motorist suspected of causing the pileup.

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  1. Its always the truck drivers fault. The idiots in the four wheelers are great drivers. They never do wrong. If they did you would see more troopers and less DOT. Cops always trying to get in the truckers wallet.


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