Georgia DPS Stirs Controversy by Showing Off Portable CMV Brake Testing Machine

Atlanta, GA – A Georgia Department of Public Safety (GaDPS) Facebook post showing off its new “Portable Brake Testing Machine” for commercial motor vehicles (CMV) is getting a bit of push back.

On Thursday, GaDPS shared a picture of what it called a “great tool that can help take unsafe CMVs off the roadway.”


The Portable Brake Testing Machine is apparently the newest inspection device deployed by the State’s Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD).

In response to a commenter who asked how it works, GaDPS explained: “The CMV drives onto the machine axle by axle. The machine then turns the wheels while the driver applies the brakes.”

Another commenter, David Long, added even more of an explanation.

“It has a heat sensor radar on it. If one of the brakes are hotter than the other ones, they know then the brakes are out of adjustment,” he wrote.


While no one wants unsafe trucks on U.S. roadways, not every one was so impressed.

Some commenters questioned the cost for such a pricey “tool” especially given the fact most states are facing massive budget shortfalls due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So spend a bunch of money on some piece of equipment because you’re too lazy to skateboard your butt under there like you have for years? And of course you guys will harass and extort the money out of truckers to pay for that pile of monkey crap,” Michael Ball replied.

“I wonder how much that machine cost taxpayers?” Aaron Hutcheson questioned.


Austin Moore had an idea.

“You should check the 150,000+ cars that drive by with faulty equipment… no license… no insurance etc. Might be able to make a higher profit for your monopoly since there’s more cars than trucks,” he wrote.

Christian Shane pointed out what he sees as a double standard when it comes to the difference in enforcement of CMVs and passenger vehicles.

“Truck(s) can be put out of service for having a scratch and cars can literally be falling apart going down the roads,” he wrote.


Scott Stebbins questioned the accuracy of the portable tester’s findings.

“If you fail an inspection because of this machine, subpoena the maintenance report before you go to court. Make them provide evidence that it has been properly maintained and is actually functioning correctly. If they can’t, fight the hell outta the ticket,” he advised.

Curtis Mcgee even injected the Defund the Police movement into the debate.

“Ya’ll come up with anything to steal money from people who are just trying to make an honest living. Thats why people want to defund the police,” Mcgee opined.


Mike Stark, on the other hand, had a bit of a different take.

Stark identified himself as a “CDL driver” and said he wishes he had one.

“I’d love to have something like this every day to make sure my tractor and trailer is safe,” he commented.


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However, he did express one concern.

“I am a ok with making sure a truck gets off the road for a dangerous issue, as long as we aren’t expected to find something this machine can that a person can’t.”


GaDPS says it will soon provide a video showing the machine in action.

Now it is your turn to sound off.

Tell us what you think about this device on our social media pages or in the members only comment section below.



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Comment (2)

  1. So I’m suppose to apply brake pressure to generate heat to my brakes? How about I stab the brakes like in a panic stop and jackup there lil toy.

    Why should I even help them do an inspection on my truck? I could be wrong but I don’t believe I’m required to even help them.

  2. Refuse to cooperate with them under your 5th amendment rights to not incriminate yourself. Then refuse their entry into the truck without a Search Warrant. Works every time. I90 port of entry in ND held me overnight saying they were getting a warrant and at hour 21 released me and the truck without inspection. They did walk a dog around it. I reminded the officer he cannot speak while the animal performed the inspection test. And I had my Go Pro going the entire time.


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