Georgia Inspectors Nab ‘Overweight’ Log Trucks During Surprise Enforcement Operation

Augusta, GA – A surprise commercial motor vehicle (CMV) inspection operation conducted this week in Georgia nabbed numerous big rigs for overweight violations.

On Tuesday, the Georgia Department of Public Safety (GaDPS), in conjunction with the state’s Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD) Region 4, held a “three hour weight detail” in Augusta.


During the short enforcement operation, GaDPS reported officials cited seven big rigs for being overweight.

Authorities did not provide specific examples nor did they provide further information about how many trucks were inspected during the enforcement operation.

Photos released by GaDPS show logging trucks in the roadway leading some commenters to question the safety of the enforcement effort.

“That sure doesn’t look like a safe place to have trucks stopped and lined up,” Kenneth Davidson wrote.


“I feel super safe knowing that the DOT is conducting inspections in the middle of the road,” quipped King Lamar.

Others directed their comments directly at log haulers.

“Log trucks are typically a hazard,” J.R. Roberts said. “In western Georgia they are rude and bully the roads. Speeding and pushing others. Not inspecting their loads allowing debris to fall off striking other vehicles. Stay within the legal weight and follow the rules of the road and everyone would be safe and happy.”


Brian McDowell argued inspectors shouldn’t be “harassing” the truck drivers.

“Ohh ya great job harassing a working man… not the truck driver’s fault he’s overweight.”

“Government making [it] hard for the blue collar working class. Continue feeding the rich,” Tim McConnell fumed.

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Last week, GaDPS conducted a surprise commercial vehicle inspection blitz at the Carroll County Weigh Station along westbound Interstate 20.

The enforcement operation netted 43 driver violations and led to one arrest for driving under the influence.

Photos released from the blitz stirred a bit of controversy.

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