Georgia Officials Call Out Truck Driver Hauling A Bit More Than An Overweight Load

Port Wentworth, GA – The Georgia Department of Public Safety (GaDPS) called out a local truck driver in its social media “Violation of the Week.”

On Monday, GaDPS shared photos of a white Freightliner day cab hauling an unsecured load of mulch.


A spokesperson from GaDPS told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) the incident occurred on Thursday, January 14 on State Route 25 at mile marker 19.

Around 12:30 p.m., Officer Timmons Tomlin with the Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD) observed the semi traveling with no tarp and “suspected it might be overweight.”

According to GaDPS, the truck weighed in at 94,000 pounds… 14,000 pounds overweight.

But that’s not all.


The truck driver — who is a 36-year old male and resides locally — was also in possession of marijuana.

The GaDPS spokesperson told TNN the amount of marijuana was less than one ounce.

Further, authorities confirmed the driver was not impaired when he was stopped by Officer Tomlin.


The driver was given a citation for unsecured load, possession of marijuana less than an once and an overweight citation.

He was released on his signature do to COVID-19 restrictions, GaDPS told TNN.

See the post from GaDPS HERE.

Photos courtesy GaDPS



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