GiveSendGo to Refund Millions of Dollars to Supporters of Freedom Convoy

Ottawa, ON — A fundraising platform used by Freedom Convoy organizers to raise nearly $10 million dollars is promising to return all not-yet-transferred funds to donors.

In an announcement on Thursday, GiveSendGo said it was taking the action to honor the intended purposes of those who gave the money to the Freedom Convoy campaign.


“The Canadian government has criminalized the receiving of funds from the Canadian trucker campaigns and now are trying to seize the funds to redistribute,” GiveSendGo wrote. “In order to protect our Givers and the intended purposes of their gifts, funds not already transferred to the recipients from the ‘Freedom Trucker Convoy’ campaign will be refunded.”

The Christian-based fundraising site remains the target of a class-action lawsuit brought on behalf of some Ottawa residents seeking to have the funds confiscated and redistributed.

Early last month, the Superior Court of Justice sided with the Ontario government’s request to freeze dispersion or use of the funds.


Specifically, the Court issued an order to bind “any and all parties with possession or control over these donations” from accessing or distributing them.

However, in a subsequent order the Court clarified the injunction was only meant to apply to monies already in possession of Freedom Convoy organizers.

The campaign raised more than $9.75 million from approximately 112,000 donations.


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